1. It Wasn't Me - Shaggy

If you're looking to Shaggy for life advice, you're probably not the smartest person around. But this song is a whole new level of bad tips. When English singer Rikrok tells Shaggy the way-too-specific-to-be-fiction tale of how his girlfriend caught him cheating, Shaggy replies with some of the worst ideas ever uttered by a human being. "Say it wasn't you", he suggests, even when it's clear that this girl saw everything. He then continues to fool no one by giving dumb advice like:

"If she say a night, convince her say a day"

It is safe to say that Shaggy has never helped anyone maintain a relationship.

2. I'm With You - Avril Lavigne

In what's supposed to be a romantic ballad, Avril Lavigne casually drops some really bad advice for the girls listening.

Won't you take me by the hand? / Take me somewhere new

I don't know who you are / But I... I'm with you"

Maybe don't go off with a stranger you met on a bridge. It's rarely going to end as romantic as she makes it seem.

3. Don't Sit Down ('Cause I Moved Your Chair) - Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has some pretty good advice for you -- He really wants you to avoid sitting down, because he moved your chair. The problem is he takes this advice so seriously that every other dangerous action known to man is apparently fine by him. According to this song, as long as you don't sit down on that moved chair, you can pretty much get away with anything:

Run with scissors / Bite the lightning / Do the Macarena in the devil's lair/

Those are some pretty bad tips for someone who means well.