To celebrate its release of Seinfeld, Hulu created a crazily detailed replica of the Season 8 apartment.  

Our sales planner David Fisch tries to remain calm while fanboying.

seinfeld details


seinfeld set 2  

seinfeld set window     

The pop-up also contains a small collection of set props, like the Festivus Pole (too boring to be pictured) and the booth from Monk's.

seinfeld props

Even the bathrooms of the exhbit are appropriately labeled. Are you a Jerry or a Elaine? TAKE THE URINAL CHALLENGE.  

seinfeld bathrooms

If you're based in NYC and want the ultimate Seinfeld photo-op, the exhibit is open to the public June 24 to 28th at at 441 W 14th St.

  seinfeld set 

JK, your face will never get that close to my body. 

For diehard fans not located in NYC, try making the "official" character drinks. I would recommend the George. Unlike the character, it has lots of redeeming qualities. 

seinfeld drinks

Oversight: The Newman Beer