1. Cinderella

cinderella mirror

Wow! Cinderella is even MORE BEAUTIFUL in a mirror! If a dream is a wish your heart makes, I must be dreaming about Cinderella in a mirror...because all of my heart-wishes are coming true!


2. Snow White


Incredible - she truly IS the fairest of them all! That's both according to the Magic Mirror from the movie, and to regular mirrors (as seen above). Kinda fucked up how she doesn't got a nose, though. Sorta looks like a sexier Voldemort...but otherwise she's still INSPIRING - even in a mirror!


3. Ariel


Everything IS better under the sea, isn't it? Especially Ariel, when reflected in a mirror - or, as she would say, something else that she thinks might mean "a mirror" but it's some goofy made-up word like "gibblydoodle"! But I mean seriously, how did she not know what a fork was? HER DAD CARRIED A TRIDENT, WHICH IS BASICALLY A GIANT FORK. Whatever. She's still majestic in a mirror!!!


4. Belle


Who wouldn't want a princess as perfect as Belle when her image is reversed by a mirror to "be [their] guest"? No one we could think of! Man, she really got dressed up a lot to dance with a dog guy who nearly killed her dad. Still - she's looking incredi-BELLE in that hypothetical mirror, wouldn't you agree?



5. Jasmine


Forget Arabian Nights - more like...Arabian NICE! Agrabah's own princess, Jasmine, has never looked better than when her form is flipped by the properties of a mirror. Finally, the Disney princess you've known and loved for so long - reimagined in a completely new way. Truly awe-inspiring!



6. Tiana


It's like Tiana was originally a frog, but by reversing her image in a mirror, she becomes the beautiful princess we always knew she could be! Truly, you must reevaluate the entirety of The Princess and the Frog, now that you know how AMAZING Tiana looks in a mirror. It's incredible how one mirror-related change can alter your opinion of a character!



7. Mulan


what the shit is this



She was beautiful before, but her reflection showed who she was inside and it was gross as hell. No makeup, not a proper lady....terrible. I take it back. I take it all back.

it feels like someone took a shit on my balls, watching this movie

why does the dragon sound like the shrek donkey

why is the shrek donkey a dragon now

he fucks a dragon in shrek