The internet LOVES itself some lists,-- if you hadn't noticed there's quite a few of them on this website, in fact -- but David Letterman was doing the list long before the internet came around and jumped on the idea. David Letterman bids farewell tonight and that means one final Top 10 list. He's been doing the tradition since 1985 (the very first was "The Top Ten Things That Almost Rhyme With Peas") and occasionally hands it off to a guest presenter. 

Everyone from Cindy Crawford to Optimus Prime to Lil Wayne has been invited on the show to read the list, but in no particular order, here are 10 of his best guest presenters of the Top 10. 

1. Snoop Dogg - The Top 10 Things That Sound Cool When Said by Snoop Dogg

Source: lateshow

Standout entry: "Could you please pass the Rice-a-motherfuckin-Roni? 

2. Mick Jagger - Top 10 Things Mick Jagger has Learned After 50 Years in Rock n Roll

Source: live&letlive

Standout entry: Nobody wants to hear anything off your new album. 

3. Eminem - The Top 10 Eminem Pieces of Advice for the Kids

Source: justdontgiveadame

Standout entry: "If I sign something for you and I see it on ebay, when you go home I'm gonna be under your bed."

4. Stewie Griffin - The Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your Child

 Source: skydiving

Standout entry: "I found the ghastly video tape of my conception in your closet."

5. Betty White - The Top 10 Betty White Tips for Living a Long and Happy Life

Source: iheartbettywhite

Standout entry: "Schedule a nightly appointment with Dr. Johnnie Walker."