The world of Linkedin can be very confusing. It's full of exaggerations, obnoxious philosophy, and some of the ugliest profile pictures the internet has to offer. Here are 15 translations of what people really mean when they put certain things in their LinkedIn profiles.
Ive created innovative strategies for my company Sometimes I say stuff in meetings

Im a driven sales professional Im dead inside

Im an experienced social marketer I know how Facebook works

Im involved in handling campaigns I tell people to do things I dont want to do

Im a problem solver My colleagues are really dumb

Im results oriented Most of my pay is by commission

Im able to function in a variety of different roles Im able to shirk responsibility in a variety of different roles

I consistently surpass my goals I dont have goals

I choose to view difficulties as opportunities for learning and growth Im so fucking stupid its amazing Im employed

 I have exceptional communication skills I know how to use a phone and email

Im a motivated self starter I have no real skills

Im a team player I suggest we all go out for drinks way too often

Im a thought leader Im a bullshit master

Im a tech enthusiast I can throw around obscure IT terms in a conversation to make myself look smart

Im a skilled marketer I can send out a bunch of emails