The English class is reading a book that completely relates to the storyline this week

It doesn't matter if it's
Moby Dick, The Scarlet Letter, or even The Da Vinci Code. Whatever is being discussed in a teen drama English class will be exactly related to whatever the main characters are going through that week. Hmm...wonder why network tv high school classes are never discussing A Raisin in the Sun or Uncle Tom's Cabin? Oh well, a question for another day.
Real life: You're assigned reading is The Crucible, you think "wow, wouldn't it be dope to be a witch?" Then the bell rings, you leave your book in the classroom, and forget all about it until next week. Meanwhile, you struggle with whether or not to buy regular cheetos or cheeto puffs from the snack shop.

Characters find out about everything through a flyer

Who uses flyers? Better question, who actually reads flyers? It's common knowledge that flyering is the sole reason for recycling. Yet in teen drama world, people find out about everything through a damn flyer. The scene always starts out with someone walking up to someone else's locker and saying "Have you seen this?" while shoving the flyer in their face. The other character says, "What the winter carnival? You're not seriously thinking of going, are you?"

Real life: "Allison just texted me, the winter carnival is this weekend."

Reading personal poems in front of the class

Back to this ridiculous English class where they've chosen to have high schoolers read their own works of poetry in front of other scumbag teenagers. This trope is a quick and dirty way to show the characters being vulnerable while releasing their true feelings in a public place and it would absolutely never happen. No English teacher is so out of touch to make teenagers do that. Most adults would never do that, unless it's Def Poetry Jam night in 2003 at Coffee Shop Cool Place Cafe.

Real life: The English teacher asks you to read an essay you wrote about the themes in Pride and Prejudice. You stand, never look up from your paper, jangle your thousand bracelets against each other, and sit down immediately as you finish the last sentence.

The Popular Girl whos actually really really cool and dysfunctional

Yes she's popular, but that's not all! She's actually really into books and music and stuff and you would know that if you were a dorky boy she started unexpectedly dating. Did we mention her home life is kind of complicated and messed up? Let's give popular and beautiful people the benefit of the doubt by looking deeper than their appearance. But don't get it twisted, nerds are still nerds! Unless they're hot, and then they're "nerdy" dudes who date the cool girl.

Real life: Popular Girl calls herself "sensitive" because she has an older brother who makes fun of her grades. She loves Katy Perry, watching dudes play soccer, and UGG boots.