If you missed Bud Light's recent bottle slogan because you were too sloshed to read the label (OR you chose not to drink their alcoholic pee pee) the bottles read: "The perfect beer for removing 'No' from your vocabulary for the night. 

Now, I'm sure that all the Budweiser execs were high-fiving each other about how they had coined the newest "feel good, can't do nuthin' wrong with a Bud" message, but it had a much different interpretation to many people -- "rapey." Uh oh, this can't be good. John Oliver quickly pointed out Bud's facepalm mistake and of course hilariously ripped the beer to shreds in the process. 

The beer that taste like Steven Seagal's pre-cum. 


Man, I sure hope that global beer company can bounce back. It'd be a real shame if they didn't make another trillion dollars this year.