5. Epic Demotivational Poster from funnyjunk user minecraftdiaperman95


Wow - this VERY Demotivational poster is SPOT ON! That's why it was viewed 4.2 million times today, and literally any original thing you create will be seen by maybe 9 people, if you count the 8 times you viewed it yourself.


4. This hilarious ORIGINAL comic by imgur user i_want_2_fuck_spongebob


Do you ever make comics? Spend hours conceiving the perfect joke and illustrating it, only to discover that very few people will ever actually look at it? Well, you can probably learn some lessons from this incredible comic, which was viewed 5.2 million times today. It's basically the bacon of comics ;)


3. This LOL-worthy topical joke uploaded to IMayTakezHamburger.net


DAMN! WTF! LOL! Put it simply, this picture has it all - a topical, unique joke, told in a way that modern millenials love. Definitely not the exact same goddamn joke that pops up every single year in maybe the worst meme format. Nope, definitely not that. If it WERE that, would it have been viewed 6 million times today?

Reminder: anything you ever make on the internet will be stolen by people more successful than you and re-uploaded with 50x worse resolution somehow.


2. This extremely good piece of relatable content by Instagram user The Overweight Semitic


The internet wants garbage. That's what it CRAVES. It rewards people for following their scummiest, shittiest instincts and reuploading the same overworn jpgs a thousand times until they're basically unrecognizable. But your shitty high school friends on Facebook will still share them because everything is terrible.

This was viewed 8 million times today, BTW.


1. This incredible piece of internet art by 4chan or something, who knows, it's been reuploaded a thousand times by now.


The internet is a democracy. And, like a democracy, we all get exactly what we deserve.

10 million views. Fuck everything.