In the latest of a long, long list of idiots who think 911 is their personal customer service hotline, a drunk in Idaho called emergency personnel 12 times because of a bar tab. 

Source: kxly

It all started when Phillip Poissonnier was kicked out of Club Tequila on Monday night for having too good of a time, i.e. being an obnoxious asshat. When poor Phillip got home he proceeded to call the cops and ask if they could come by his house and do some detective work on how his 10 beers amounted to a $30 bar tab. (Whoa, back up... this guy is complaining about 10 beers for 30 bucks?! Geeze is this guy a douche.) Phil then called 911 several more times to ask when the cops would be stopping by. After learning that they would not be helping with his bar tab, Phil insulted the 911 operator saying she was just like his ex-wife. 

The story has a happy ending, though, because the cops did eventually come -- to arrest Phil for being a 911-abusing idiot and slap a $1,000 fine on top of that bar tab. 

Most expensive drunk dial EVER. 


Source: hoppip