St. Patrick's day is probably going to look a LOT different in Ireland this year. Lawmakers in Ireland that perhaps had a few too many pints on their lunch break accidently legalized the possession of ecstasy, crystal meth, and magic mushrooms. Yep, all those forbidden lucky charms are now free game. 

The mistake happened Tuesday afternoon when  the country's Court of Appeal discovered that part of the country's  1977 Misuse of Drugs Act was unconstitutional because of a small technical error.  When the Act was first passed almost four decades ago certain drugs were added to the "yeah, people probably shouldn't have these" list, but apparently it wasn't signed by both Houses of Irish Parliament on new additions to the list and the entire thing is now invalid. In other words, INGEST ALL THE DRUGS YOU WANT IN IRELAND!

Actually, of the 125 substances mentioned on the list, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana are still illegal in Ireland, but the drugs added after that are now legal to possess and use by default. So to clarify, INGEST ALL THE ACCIDENTLY LEGAL DRUGS YOU WANT IN IRELAND!

Sales of the drugs are still illegal and lawmakers are now scrambling to fix the issue and closethe loophole. Presumably before March 17th and all Hell breaks loose. 

Source: wochitGeneralNews