1. Eric Forman (That '70s Show)


The Character: Eric Forman is the normal guy in the group. The sort of nerdy and shy one, who we identify with because he always thinks twice about the consequences. He's sort of like us, which is why we want him to succeed, get the girl, have a life outside his small Wisconsin town.

Why They're Assholes: But Eric is pretty much a dick. He's always mean to everyone, pranks them, and tries to get them in trouble. And that's just what he does to his friends. He constantly steals from his parents and tricks them into doing what he wants. He toilet papered his innocent teacher's house, not to mention he killed Donna's cat and lied about it. He also has some douchy opinions about women, who he thinks should never be smarter or more successful than their boyfriends. And don't forget he ditched Donna on their wedding day and almost got Fez kicked out of the country on numerous occasions. 

What's Worse: The worst thing is that Eric always gets away with it. He has a way of doing the same terrible things his friends do, but make it seem like he was just dragged into it by peer pressure. No one sees how horrible he really is, and he still stays everyone's little geeky angel. Except his father, Red. He's on to him. Makes you wish he'd actually given him that foot in the ass he always promised.


2. Jim and Pam (The Office)


The Character: Jim and Pam were our in into the other wacky characters in the office. Through their eyes we could understand how ridiculous Dwight is, how clueless Michael scott is, how incompetent everyone at the office was, and how crappy it really is to be stuck with them all day for years.

Why They're Assholes: While the other workers of the office were stupid, immature or annoying, Jim and Pam were the only ones who were straight up assholes. They constantly thought they were better than everyone. They would always refuse to see their co-workers as their friends, even though they spend every waking moment with them. They would treat every outside-work event as a chore. They would lie to avoid meeting their co-workers and spent countless hours and resources to make them feel bad. They even considered not inviting them to their wedding. And when they did, they ended up getting married alone on a boat.

What's Worse: Jim and Pam's actions weren't just slight pranks. They would sometimes genuinely ruin lives and hurt people. They always tried to get Dwight fired just because he sort of annoyed them, not caring that he would be jobless and broke.


3. Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)


The Character: Michael Bluth was the one son who had no choice but to keep his family together. He was the one stuck in a horrible, thoughtless, selfish family. And he was tasked with fixing everyone's problems.

Why They're assholes: Though seemingly the caring, good brother, Michael Bluth was just as horrible as the rest of his family. Sure, he would try be ethical and do the right thing. But what he thought was the right thing was always just an excuse to do whatever he wanted. He tried to steal his brother GOB's girlfriend, claiming he deserved her more because Gob was treating her poorly. He stepped over his family to become C.E.O because he thought they wouldn't do a good job. And he tried to break up his sister's marriage because he thought her husband was gay and was living a lie.

What's Worse: Even if you can forgive Michael for being mean to his parents and siblings because they were just as mean as him, you could never forgive him for what he did to his son, who was a saint. He slept with the teacher his son was in love with, he was constantly judgy about his girlfriend (her?), and he would always blow off his son in favor of work, even though he would always complain about his father doing it to him.


4. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)


The Character: Lorelai and Rory are just the best, aren't they? They're smart, funny and sweet. They eat like pigs and know more pop culture references than the entirety of Wikipedia. They're just the perfect manic pixie dream girls. Or are they?? 

Why They're Assholes: As sweet and kind as they look to us, the Gilmore Girls can be really mean to anyone who doesn't fit their very thin template of desired personality. They will judge you for not knowing an obscure 1940s film, they'll talk over you in a town meeting if they don't like what you're saying, and just to make the mocking worse - they'll do it using a reference to that same 1940s film they KNOW you didn't watch.

What's Worse: For a mother with a desire for such a close relationship with her daugther, Lorelai sure is mean to her own mother. True, her parents were hard on her growing up, trying to give her money and an education, those monsters! But still, it's been so many years since then and she still makes a sour face when she has to eat dinner with them once a week. 


5. All the Friends, Especially Ross (Friends)


The Character: Six friends who would always be there for each other when the rain starts to pour. They're all together in this harsh quest for love and success in the big city.

Why They're Assholes: Boy, for a group of friends who consider each other family, they sure do hate each other. The six friends are always judging, criticizing and mocking each other for their life choices. Every problem one of them has is no more than a ground to make fun of them. At least Chandler always said he uses humor as a defense mechanism, but what's the other five's excuse? Among their hits are: Chandler and Joey losing Ross' baby on a bus to pick up women, Monica cutting off Chandler's toe and Rachel ruining Ross and Emily's wedding.

But Ross especially is a jerk. He tricked Rachel into being his wife, he always thought  he was better than all the other friends, and what's with his problem hiring a male-nanny? What's with your anachronistic world views, Ross?!

Come to think of it, Phoebe was the only good friend in the bunch. Phoebe's the best. And her reward? She was always the outsider of this horrible group.

What's Worse: The worst thing about the friends' behaviors is that there wouldn't be a show without it. 90 percent of the show's plots and conflicts were due to one of the friends lying or hiding something from the others. If the friends actually acted like friends every episode would be 2 minutes long and probably just a shot of Joey eating a sandwich.