1. You get SUPER excited anytime you see a list about a personality trait you happen to possess.

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2. You get even MORE excited when you click on the link and see the first item on the list describes one aspect of your unique, multi-faceted life PERFECTLY.

3. You start smiling and nodding your head in pure ecstasy as you scroll through even more and more general statements that could probably apply at least in SOME way to 90% of the population.

4. More sentences, more enthusiastic agreement!!! YES! YES! THIS IS SOOO ME! (And everyone else too!)

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5. You read that one part that is SO relatable for you personally! And for everyone everywhere!

6. How did they know you watched THAT movie at that time when it was popular? THIS IS SERIOUSLY STARTING TO GET WEIRD.

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7. Hmm...now that one doesn't really seem to apply for your...wait, okay. Okay. The more you think about it, YES! Totally! This list ROCKS!

8. THIS.

9. LOL that GIF tho! How do they come up with this stuff?

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10. That part that seems vaguely familiar to that one memory out of the billions you've accumulated in your lifetime. WHOA.

11. That joke that for some reason you think is strictly exclusive to you and your group of high school friends and no one else in the world. GET OUT OF MY MIND.

12. Okay that's definitely never happened to me but okay, whatever! I've come this far so fuck it!

13. OMG this is SO Rachel! I HAVE to share this with her!

14. ....and Megan and Troy and Jennifer and Kurt and Emily!

15. Fuck it I'll just share it with EVERYONE!

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16. Oh but first let me write down the numbers of the sentences I found MOST relatable so I can tell them which ones to pay extra close attention to when they read it! Too bad I can't just pick them all LOL! 

17. Oh look, there's another article that sounds like a feeling I also have sometimes since I'm a human being with a diverse range of moods and emotions so of course I've experienced it at some point in my life! FINALLY!