Illustrated by Amir Khan.

I am going to a protest tonight. I think it will be a really great opportunity to take good photos of signs to post online, and maybe get some choice quotes for a tweet. I can't wait to be a part of history.


Our kids are going to look back at this and say, "My father was a part of the protest. Here's a photo from it. It got over 200 likes. He was a part of history."


Perhaps I will meet some women at the protest as well. I love social justice-minded ladies, and what better place is there to meet some than a protest? I'll take a picture and post it on Tinder, to see if anyone else is there. There's nothing that gets the blood boiling quite like a lively protest.


Maybe I will hear some clever chanting. People are very creative with their rallying cries. I would love to hear some of them tonight; it'll be pretty entertaining. I'll record video on my iPhone.


And what if I get on TV? CNN often sends cameras to these protests. I'll just have to look out for the logo on a truck. That would be pretty great to get on television. I'll ask my mom to set the DVR so I can post it as my Facebook profile picture if it happens. That would be wild.


My personal brand is truly going to skyrocket thanks to these protests. My goal is to get a hundred more followers on Twitter, and maybe get one of my photos to go viral. What a terrific proposition. It's so exciting that there's been so many of them recently. I wonder why that is?


All in all, I'm really looking forward to this protest. I think it's going to be a great time. And if you're unable to come out, don't worry! There will be another one soon, I'm sure!