The dinning hall is going to be a place that you probably frequent on a regular basis during your college time, so it's important that you know the laws of the land. Kentucky Christian University's general manager of food service, Brad Green has laid out the 10 commandments of the cafeteria. Learn'em, know'em, live'em... or feel the general manager's wrath. 

1. Clean up after yourself. (Because somebody will slip and bust their ass.)

2. Practice proper appliance etiquette. (Learn how to work a toaster, dummy.)

3. Thou shalt not waste napkins. 

4. Learn where the silverware goes. (Hint, it's not in the trashcan.)

5. Respect the staff. 

6. Don't steal. (Stop shoving food down your pants.)

7. Practice basic hygiene (who is going to the dinning hall barefoot like some sort of wildman??)

8. Don't leave your backpack lying around. 

9. Don't block walkways. 

10. Don't waste food. 

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