Below is the face of a broken man. A man that has been deprived of the very thing that brings happiness -- chalupas. Gabriel Harris just wanted some Taco Bell -- as any intoxicated individual does -- the only problem is that Smyrna Beach, Florida Taco Bells don't serve to people on bicycles. 

Young Gabriel wasn't about to let a little thing like a "cars only" drive-thru lane come between him and a #2 combo though, and refused to leave without being allowed to "live mas." That is until police arrived and found Gabriel on his bike yelling into the speaker about his order. 

There's no record of what he was saying, but I'm fairly confident it sounded something like this...

"Hey, hey, hey, hey... ya'll got any of those tacos made outta Doritos? How about waffles?

"Lemme get a breakfast burrito... *scuffle ensues* Get off me bro! *tazing*"

Cut to Gabriel at the police station and we have the saddest mug shot ever.