The Hunger Games was a great novel-turned-movie that introduced us to the horrible world of child murdering for sport and the wonderful world of Jennifer Lawrence. Despite being a critical and commercial success, there's still a few things that have been bothering me since my first viewing...




When Katniss and Peeta enter the Training Center, the crowd goes nuts. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh." Gasps galore. People are freaking. The fuck. Out. I mean look at these reactions!

It's what Haymitch says separated them from the crowd and got them sponsor love. And why the insane crowd reaction? Cuz of flames. Flames. It's 2014 and I'm already sick of flame suits. Which is essentially what these are. And they live in super cool, future world. I mean, Katniss catches her first glimpse of her flaming self in a flag that also apparently doubles as a TV screen, which is what people SHOULD REALLY BE IMPRESSED BY! You have badass Harry Potter-esque TV flags! How do those work!? Can they watch TV shows on those?! Forget their lame-ass flamewear, I want those flags.


Wrap yourself in one of these next time.


2. Why doesn't the crowd react when Peeta announces he has a crush on Katniss!

When Peeta had his interview with Caesar, his "witty" banter garnered laugh after laugh from the crowd, despite being mildly amusing at best ("Do I smell like roses?" Seriously? Why is that so funny?). And the crowd was so 90s sitcom-y with their reactions to all his shitty quips, but then when he announces the girl he's had a crush on since he was little probably won't end well because SHE WAS ALSO SELECTED - IMPLYING IT WAS MF'IN KATNISS - the crowd doesn't give a single "oooooooohhhhhhhh!??!?" They just remained silent! Wtf! That's juicy gossip! React as such, goddamnit!


3. How Katniss is built up to be a badass with her arrows, but really, she's like, not even that good

Katniss, the hero, the protagonist, the person who's supposed to be a badass with a bow and arrow...kinda sucks with it.

I get that she might've had the jitters in her first sponsor tryout, and did come back with nice accuracy shooting the apple from the roast, but even that wasn't THAT cool. Shooting an apple? Eh. Could've been more impressive, like shooting an arrow into the back end of the previous arrow. Anybody? Anybody?

What really bothered me, is again later, she had to shoot open that bag of apples (And more apple shooting? Can we at least switch up the fruits, people?) to blow up the weapons and food, and she still kinda sucked. Like, this is supposed to be what makes her awesome, right? There's barely any pressure now, but she still has to try a couple times. Why not just have her nail it? She doesn't even seem that special any more. What's so great about her now besides being way better looking than everyone else? Oh yeah, and speaking about that explosion....


4. Those pointless land mines

The alliance dug up the mines so they could surround the weapon/food pile, in order to hoard everything for themselves. Alright, cool, that's a plan I guess. The problem? We can clearly see where you've placed the mines. Look at these fresh dirt mounds!


What you've done is now pointless. These are very easily avoidable! You'd almost have to go out of your way to step on them. I mean, look how effective this strategy was:

Also, what did they dig up the mines with and how in the WORLD did they know where they were? Was there a metal detector in one of those boxes?


5. Are the kids running towards the weapons suicidal?!

Are you kidding me? Scrawny 12 year olds would run towards the weapons, knowing they could hardly even swing the weapons they grab? No. There's no way the young kids' mentors would tell them to do this instead of running off and hiding. Seriously, you can't expect me to believe a drunk Woody Harrelson was the smartest mentor of the bunch. And remember how the majority of people die from the elements? Yeah, not only would those kids have been told that that was their only hope - to hide and outlast people - but I don't know about you, but death via elements sounds like paradise compared to death via repetitive stabs. Regardless, these little idiots deserved to get axed for their dumb strategy.