1. Tulane as Doctor Facilier 

Who: Doctor Facilier is the evil, vaguely cajun, voodoo doctor from The Princess Frog who manipulates people's greed to get them to sell their souls to some kind of weird shadow-people gang. Mostly he just wants money and he's from New Orleans. 

Why: New Orleans!!! Duh! Also he has this weird Mardis-Gras-vibe going on and that's all that they do at Tulane, right? 

2. Northwestern University as Mr. Freeze

Who: Mr. Freeze is a super-villain and enemy of Batman. He's basically a scientist who has a fancy suit that he needs to wear to stay alive because he tried to do this experiment this one time and it went horribly wrong (why can't evil villains ever get their science right?). 

Why: Mr. Freeze's whole "thing" is making people cold. Usually with his "Freeze Gun." And so he recalls the frozen, siberia-like Chicago winters, which also set out to bring pain and misery to those who are trapped in them. 

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology as Anton Chigurh 


Who: Anton Chigurh is this crazy random hit man guy in No Country for Old Men who walks around deciding if he's going to kill people by tossing a coin... Plus he has an awesome bowl cut. 

Why: Anton's weapon of choice is a captive bolt pistol which looks like something someone would wheel around with them to help them breathe, but instead just blows their faces off. Feels like something they learn how to construct their freshman year at MIT. 

Runner Up: Syndrome

Who: The totally misunderstood crazy redhead, wannabe superhero in The Incredibles 

Why: Because he is also all about those gadgets. Science!


4. Princeton University as Lord Voldemort 

Who: Lord Voldemort is the sometimes bodiless, oftentimes noseless villain of the Harry Potter series. This guy totally has a God complex and pretty much sets out to be the only Lord of Darkness and destroy Harry Potter and some other school children. 

Why: Couple things. First, Princeton and Lord V both have the aforementioned superiority complex, a product of their reputations. Secondly, Voldy's got this whole obsession with "pure-bloods" which feels pretty Princeton-y, right? Nepotism? 

Runner Up: Norman Bates
Who: Dude who keeps his dead mom in his bedroom
Why: Princetonians probably have their dead founding fathers enshrined somewhere, too. They like traditions. 

5. University of Virginia as Darth Vader 

Who: Darth Vader was this awesome guy who was a prodigal Jedi Knight and then went to the dark side and became a Sith Lord who serves the Galactic Empire. 

Why: Darth Vader used to be a part of this totally cool Old Republic and was all about defending truth and justice throughout the galaxy but then went to the dark side and decided to try and wipe out all the Jedis. *Cough* Thomas Jefferson *Cough* Cherokee indians.