There are many types of heroes in the world, some rescue puppies from burning buildings, others find cures for terrible diseases, and then there are those who attempt to bring a national chain restaurant to its knees. Alan Martin is doing just that, but shoving as much Olive Garden pasta in his face as possible. 

Source: globalnews

Alan bought Olive Garden's $100 pasta pass 6 weeks ago, a pass that was only given to 1,000 people and guarantees them unlimited pasta whenever their need for alfredo beckons. Since then, he's eaten 2 meals a day, every day at Olive Garden, stacking up to 95 meals as of yesterday, and oh I don't know, about a bazillion calories give or take. 

Alan is not a marathon runner or Olympic swimmer, he's just a simple man who aims to get his $100 worth and suck North Carolina dry of anything resembling a noodle. The pass is valid until November 9th and affords those lucky enough to have the golden carb card unlimited pasta, salad, bread, and soda. (Wheelbarrows to roll them out of the restaurant, not included.)

Alan's only got three days left shovel as much food into his pie-hole as possible, and with any luck, Olive Garden will pay for his colon cleansing. 

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