undefined Airplane wings have become the de facto symbol of "I'm on my way to a magical vacation destination and you're sitting on a toilet at work feeling jealous." It's both cruel and unnecessary. Please Just wait until you've actually arrived at your destination, then by all means, bombard us with pictures of how amazing your life is. Just be wary to avoid snapping pics number 2, which is...


undefinedAnyone taking the time to look at your vacation photos online is probably already judging your life pretty hard; and by uploading that sweet pic of you saving everyone's life by holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you just remind them that not only do you quantify how well your vacation is going by the amount of social confirmation it receives, you're also not very clever or original. Either try harder, or don't try it all. We won't care either way.


undefinedI dont' care how beautifully plated your futurepoop is, unless you're a professional chef and someone is paying you to make it, DON'T POST IT. If anything, it's less of a celebration of your talent and more an indication of how poorly lit your dining room is.


undefinedThere is no way that your cracked iPhone 4 camera is going to be able to take a better picture than the professional photos of this artwork that appear in textbooks and google image searches across the world, but I guess I shouldn't fault you for trying!

Except I should, and I will. Shame on you for trying. Stop that. Stop it right now.


undefinedIt doesn't matter how well framed or lit it is, a landscape is scientifically the most boring thing you can take a picture of. Unless you plan on hanging a greyscale version of this photo in a hotel bathroom, it's not worth taking.