Everyone already ranked the best TV apartments, workplaces, bars and hangouts. Why not review the best TV bathrooms and decide in which show would it be most comfortable for you to take a shit? Well, I did that research for you. You're welcome.

1. Monica and Rachel's Bathroom; Friends


Monica is a clean freak, so you know you're going in to a safe place. It'll smell good, be tidy and will never be short on toilet paper and soap. Depending on who you are, you will get a specific towel out of Monica's 11 different towel categories (try the "fancy guests", they're the best).

However, this bathroom is not for nervous poopers, as the house is always crowded and there is only one bathroom. And Joey eats a lot so you know he will be knocking on that door if you don't get out soon.


2. Unisex Restroom; Ally McBeal


The law firm of Cage and Fish has a unisex bathroom for all their employees. If you don't mind a member of the opposite sex hearing you going number 2, you will enjoy nice, lavished stalls. Some of the toilets can even be remotely flushed in advance, to promise a fresh bowl experience. However, try and refrain from gossip, as someone is always hiding in one of the other stalls to listen. Also Ally McBeal might be vomiting her lunch there.


3. Women's Bathroom; The Office


The women's bathrooms at Dunder Mifflin are definitely classier than the boy's. The purple walls and flower arrangements give a calm, relaxing feel to your dirty business. As there aren't too many women in the office, you will probably get to have a private experience. Be careful - although it is the lady's room, Creed has been known to use it at lunch. But he pays for that privilege.


4. Dexter and Rita's Lavatory; Dexter


Typically, it is a very nice bathroom. Clean, well decorated and has all the amenities you require. A perfect place for your defecation needs. That is, if you can let go of the fact there's been a horrible, bloody murder there that left the entire floor covered in blood. But don't worry - Dexter is really good at cleaning up blood. It's literally his job and his hobby.


5. Tywin's Toilet; Game of Thrones


A bathroom fit for a king. Or a king's hand, I guess. Either way it's roomy and sound proof, so you could sing your heart out while you're wiping. It's a bit old-timey, So no automated flush - you'll have to use a bucket. Plus, there are no locks on the door so someone could potentially walk in and kill you. But if you're not sleeping with their ex-whore I wouldn't worry about it.