First off, unless you speak Dutch, you're going to want to hit that "CC" button on the YouTube player. 

Okay, now that that's out of the way, food snobs with their hoity-toity tastes and delicate palates, screw those guys, right? And foreign food snobs, oooooh they're the WORST. Which is exactly why they should be tricked into eating McDonald's -- cuz 'Merica! 

It's actually a pretty well-executed video from two guys named Sacha and Cedrique who went to a food convention in Houten and served a bunch of McDonald's to food experts under the guise that it was gourmet cuisine. It's amazing how refined an Egg McMuffin can look if you cut it up into little triangles. Most of the food experts were clueless they were eating McNuggets and were quick to comment on how fresh and tasty everything was. 

The verdict: if you tell people something is organic, they'll believe it. Suckers. 

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