There's a certain subset of prank culture on YouTube obsessed with showing you what big metephorical balls they have by antagonizing tough black dudes in the hood. Run-of-the-mill stunt proving nobody is safe ("it's actually racist not to prank everyone!"), or abhorrent way to reduce people to stereotyped props? See for yourself.

While they'll readily admit the pranks are stupid, somewhere along the way these pranks lost their good nature. It was probably when they started to just straight up threaten their prank victims' physical safety. Oh yeah, people don't like feeling like they're going to be SHOT at by an uneasily confident stranger. And they sure as hell don't like to feel stupid about that afterwards either.

Anyway, veteran prankster LAHWF aka Andrew Hales, who has never stepped into that pool but rather specializes in coercing strangers into his general aura of awkwardness, decided to take a stand and shoot this meta-commentary video, aptly titled "SHOOTING AT PEOPLE IN THE HOOD PRANK!". He nails the general feel and aesthetic down to the intro, logo, and sound effects, while adding a nice touch about being a YouTube celebrity as well.

So brave.

Just to be safe, Hales took extraordinary precaution in telling viewers this was fake, lest any copycatters got some bright ideas.

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