Justin and Erik of The Indie Machines were given a bunch of electroncis and explicit instructions to smash - er, uh, "test" - the hell out of them. So they set up a 360-degree camera rig and filmed 3 rounds of testing in slow motion:

  1. Drop each gadget on the ground
  2. Drop it again, from even higher
  3. Submit it to a "random act of complete destruction"

Round 3 could be a karate kick or a cartoonish Acme safe, depending on the day. The devices don't tend to test well in round 3.

So in the name of science and catharsis, check out the wrath of the Scientific Method on your favorite electronics:


Appl iPad VS Cinder Block


Printer VS Anvil



Game Boy VS Sledgehammer



iPhone 5S VS A Safe



Microsoft Zune Torture Test 


MacBook Air VS Karate Kick