What a time to be alive. Launcher technology is finally starting to catch up to our desire to launch stuff. This Kickstarter for a Money Gun has been taking the internet by storm, sure, but there's so much more that we're capable of making airborn. Below are 3 GIFs of things that were never meant to be cannon fodder. They're all pretty dumb, but only one is fake...can you tell which one?


Salmon Cannon

Salmon farmers in southwest Washington needed a quicker way to inspect and transport their fish, so they developed a cannon to log-flume those suckers up the river bank into their fish truck.





Cat Cannon

The Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association (CARCA) needed a quicker way to deploy their feline search teams, so they utilized existing avalanche control technology: pressurized cannons that are already aimed at the mountain.




Paper Airplane Cannon

This is a machine gun that rapidly folds and fires several paper airplanes per load.


[via gifak]