Be careful if you ever get into a conversation with these kids. You'll never meet a group of people more viciously opinionated about things that couldn't matter less. They'll debate endlessly over literally anything, often splintering off into tiny subgroups when they feel like the argument isn't specific enough.

The upside is that they have a TON of knowledge stored in those brains of theirs, and you can learn a lot from hanging with them.

With that being said, whatever you do, don't talk to them about video games. Ever.



These kids don't really fit in with any particular group, so they all sit together, united by their shared passion for really specific niches of pop culture. Some of them are incredibly talented, but the rest of the school would never know it because they devote all of those talents to weird stuff like erotic fan art of minor fictional characters.

They generally keep to themselves when talking to people outside of their group, but have no problem loudly expressing their opinions when they all get together.



This table is full of the hottest kids at school, and they will DEFINITELY make sure you know it. They tend to be pretty self-obsessed, always making sure they're the center of attention. They go to insane lengths to present only the absolute best side of themselves to the rest of the school.

Based solely on appearances, it always SEEMS like they're out having fun adventures and doing cool shit, but no one is ever actually there to witness it, so who knows?



When it comes to jokes and one-liners, these guys have a million of em. If you're looking for a deeper conversation, though, you're going to have to look elsewhere. They tend to keep things pretty short and punchy, constantly trying to one-up each other's jokes.

It feels like they're always in a constant competition for who can get more people to laugh though, so being around them can get pretty exhausting.



These guys are hip and fashionable and obviously way out of your coolness league. You're not totally sure what they're even up to, but it's painfully obvious that you're being excluded.

A lot of people try to hang with them, but they usually don't bother talking to outsiders, so all you can really do is hope you're cool enough to get their attention.

Once you're "in" though, you can't really hang out with your less cool friends anymore. You have a reputation to uphold, after all.



The teacher's table is full of people who are clearly getting past their coolness prime. While you can kind of tell that some of them used to be cool, they're beyond caring at this point and are more content to just sit around talking about their kids and pets and whatever other boring stuff teachers talk about.

When they're not doing that, you can bet that they're embarrassing their OWN kids every chance they get, usually by publicly sharing old stories and baby pictures to everyone who's willing to look.

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