1. The butterfly doors open vertically and it's really weird and confusing. 


2. The trunk is in the front of the car instead of the back and it's really weird and confusing. 


3. It's tiny and I'm a very large man with huge muscles. 


4. I feel like I can crush the steering wheel in my hands because it's so tiny. 


5. People think I'm "compensating for something," but even I find that one funny. 


6. It drives too fast. 


7. I don't even know how to drive stick. 


8. Now that I think about it, it looks too much like an insect, or crumpled up tin foil. 


9. It makes everybody in my family envious of me, especially my dead grandfather, whose ghost visits me regularly. 


10. Even if I didn't have a lisp, the name would still be impossible to pronounce. 


11. It's yellow. I hate the color yellow. 


Images courtesy of Shutterstock