The use of air horn in popular music over the past decade-plus is one of those things that's been just generally accepted by everyone but left not understood. Unless you're hearing it at a sporting venue (and even then) it's become synonymous with the word REEEEMIIIIIX with maybe some destruction sounds accompanying it. Lest we write it off as some sort of joke though -- it's got the world "horn" in it -- surely, it's an instrument that can stand on its own, no?

I guess not. Well, enjoy these songs that have been "covered," or rather rudely invaded by the air horn as well its traveling buddy the "Smoke Weed Every Day" quote from Dr. Dre's The Next Episode (often attributed to Snoop Dogg, but is actually said by Nate Dogg). Are you ready?


1. The National Anthem


2. Game of Thrones Theme


3. Beethoven's Fifth:


4. Turn Down For What


5. The Office Theme


6. Rocky Theme


7. Take On Me


8. Stairway to Heaven


Not enough air horn? Check out /r/airhornremix for more.

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