If you think the world is your private trashcan and you can freely throw your garbage out your car window -- you're a lazy asshole. A motorcycle vigilante is giving litterbugs a taste of their trash and dishing the litter right back at them. The motorcycle hero throws a tray of cigarette ash in the car of one litterbug, tapes a bottle to the mirror of another, and hurls a bag of fast food garbage in the window of yet another. 

Source: keychp

I'm betting that people will fall into one of two categories after watching. Group A will commend the girl on the motorbike for dishing out justice -- even if they did go about it in a very hostile way -- and group B will chastise her with something like "what a dick, I'd beat her ass if they did that to me." You've let me down, Group B. Oh, and then there's group C, who will proclaim "faaaaaaaake."