1. The Pied-Piper


The Original Story: A man is hired by a town to solve a rampant rat infestation. When the piper leads the rats away as he promised and the town doesn't pay him, he punishes the residents by basically kidnapping all of their children.

How Disney Would Make It: To start with, they'd probably cut the child abduction. Instead, they'd turn the piper into a clever but down on his luck musician who takes it upon himself to rid the town of evil rats in order to impress the beautiful mayor's daughter. It probably goes without saying that the rats are anthropomorphized and speak with thick New York accents.


2. The Red Shoes


The Original Story:
A poor girl is adopted by a rich family, eventually forgetting her roots and becoming spoiled. One day she is given a pair red shoes, which turn out to be enchanted. The shoes eventually torture to the point that she cuts her own legs. The girl's amputated legs continue to chase her around, until eventually she finds peace in death.


How Disney Would Make It: So they'd probably keep the shoes but ditch the amputation. In the Disney version, the shoes would be two talking high heels, one sassy and one uptight and British, who, with the help of clumsy but handsome cobbler, teach the girl that all people are important. Her eyes open, it's up to her to stop her greedy father from destroying the homes of the working poor in order to build whatever the medieval equivalent of a shopping mall is.



3. Bluebeard


The Original Story: Basically, it's the original Lifetime movie. A woman marries a man named Bluebeard who tells her not to go inside a room. When Bluebeard goes out of town, curiosity gets the better of his wife, and she enters the room. There she sees that the room is stained with the blood of the man's ex-wives, and realizes that Bluebeard is a serial killer. He comes home and she has to try and escape before he kills her.


How Disney: Murder is cool in Disney movies, but only if it happens to parents. That's why they'd probably make Bluebeard the protagonist's stepfather. When the girl goes into the forbidden room and realizes that Bluebeard is the one who murdered her mother, she enlists the help of a handsome young groundskeeper and her best friend Cuckoo the Australian Owl to get her out of the enchanted, labyrinthine castle before it's too late.



4. All Kinds Of Fur





The Original Story: It's a really convoluted story, but the gist of it is a dying queen makes her husband promise he would only remarry if the new woman was as beautiful as she. The king realizes that the only woman that matches that description is his own daughter, so, naturally, he just decides to marry her. Not wanting to marry her dad, the girl says she wont marry him until he completes the seemingly impossible task of getting her three dresses as beautiful as the sun, moon and stars. When the king accomplishes the task, she takes the garments and flees the castle to escape incest...yeah.


How Disney Would Make It: To ditch the incest, the Disney version would probably make the daughter the one charged with gathering the impossible garments. When her father worries that she is not fit to be queen, she must prove her worth going on a magical journey. With the help of a local tailor boy, and the jive talking sewing machine he inherited from his grandfather, the young princess must gather the three enchanted garments before her evil step brother is made king.



5. The Juniper Tree


The Original Story: A woman marries a man, only to grow jealous of his son. Worried that he will be the one to inherit his estate, the woman decapitates the boy and serves his flesh to his father as a stew. The father finds it delicious and asks for seconds. The evil stepdaughter saves the boy's bones and buries them under the same juniper tree as the boy's dead mother. Eventually a bird kills the step mom and the kid comes back to life.


How Disney Would Make It: Jesus...Okay, so maybe they wouldn't do this one. If they did though, Disney basically just does the same thing over and over. White wash the bad parts, add a love interest, and make something talk that doesn't normally talk...Okay, I'm gonna go take a long shower now. I feel dirty...