Attention all party promoters in the Great Lakes region: James Taylor has raised the stakes of house parties and is now what all future parties will measured and judged by. 

Source: wfb

James Taylor recently threw a part so large that it caused the floorboards in his house to shake. (Because houses built prior to 1995 aren't meant for that level of getting turnt up!) Here's a brief rundown of the mayhem that went on: 

Six drug overdoses

2,000 bros and babes doing their best to recreate every movie party scene ever. 

Two DJs -- cuz one DJ is for amateur pussies. 

Fire thrower

Go-go dancers

Strippers (really any kind of dancer except for ballet dancers was likely present)

Oh, and a kid who was still passed out on the floor when the news crew arrived (0.35 mark)

Eh, what can you do? Law-breaking bros gonna be law-breaking bros.