Vine has already produced a roster of budding comedy stars who are getting their own - some already with ad deals from major brands - but Tish Simmonds, a British teenager with a few seemingly unexceptional skits, may be of the form's first unintentional celebrities (i.e. star wars kid) to hit it big. If you've been online this week stumbling upon one of the many (Many) remixes of her without knowledge of it's context, hopefully this helps. Here is the one that started it all, the Vine that the internet reapportioned into the apex of anti-humor:

It should be noted that the original was taken down - though Tish still holds a Vine account - and that the above is a copy. This is probably because of the wave of attention that hit her, and a small (but inevitably unavoidable) percentage cyberbullied her into just pulling it. Evidenced by: her responding to her hecklers and haters:


But now, to be honest, what we came for, which are the remixes:

Search Tish on Vine for more.