1) Darth Vader (Star Wars)


The Moment of Forgiveness: In the final act of Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader kills Emperor Palpatine to protect Luke, but is mega-electrocuted in the process. Hell yeah, redemption through sacrifice! It's pretty clear Vader is not long for this world, so Luke removes his helmet, revealing the powdery, withered ghoul underneath, and the two have a beautiful moment.

Vader: "Go, my son. Leave me."

Luke: "No, you're coming with me. I'll not leave you here, I've got to save you!"


Vader: "You already have..."

:'( Awww

The Problem: This guy didn't just kill a few people. HE COMMITTED GLOBAL GENOCIDE. Statistically, Darth Vader is worse than Hitler, and you're not allowed to sympathize with Hitler. Sorry, that's just the rule. This maniac designed a mobile death-ray with the specific intent of destroying entire planets, AND HE STARTED WITH HIS ONLY DAUGHTER'S HOME WORLD. So maaaaaaybe it's actually pretty okay that Luke didn't save him, y'know?


2) Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones) 



The Moment of Forgiveness: Incest aside, Jaime has always been likable (despite the brief, yet deeply upsetting scene that didn't actually happen in the book where he rapes his sister two feet from his son's 3-day-old corpse...Jesus Chirst this show is horrific), but the definitive moment when we started sympathizing with him comes during his heart-to-heart with Brienne in the bath. The recently-mutilated Kingslayer gets naked, further symbolizing his vulnerability, and recounts his side of the story in regards to the rebellion and the death of the Mad King. He cries, he faints, and we finally understand his #struggle. It's a brilliant scene, plus we see a good 7 frames of Jaime-dong, and that's really what it's all about.


The Problem: The obvious issue is that he tried to kill an innocent kid twice, and successfully choked his own cousin to death in a futile escape attempt. But more importantly, all the bad shit that's happened in this entire series is basically his fault. His demon incest-spawn is the guy who cut off Ned Stark's head, starting the war and getting Jaime himself kidnapped/ tied to a poo-covered pole for 6 months. Also, at Winterfell, if he could have just gone like A SECOND without tower-fucking his sister, Bran Stark wouldn't have walked in on them, and everything probably would have been fine.


3) Riku (Kingdom Hearts)



The Moment of Forgiveness: The main hero's pretty okay with him basically the entire game, and even spends the whole second game trying to find him.


The Problem: Riku is not only a terrible friend (he boasts about his physical superiority and tries to make Sora look like a n00b in front of Kairi on a regular basis), but he's a terrible person. His heart is super-vulnerable to darkness, which is how Maleficent, a horned, obviously evil she-devil, is able to turn him to the disney equivalent of the dark side in like, 5 seconds. He's a huge narcissist, he betrays his friends, he never has his boy's back, and at one point he actually ganks Sora's keyblade, claiming he's the true keymaster. Uh, yeah right, Riku. You're lame as shit and Kairi will never want you, so why don't you go ahead and just settle for Selphie already? #KingdomBURN

4) Vivian Kensington (Legally Blonde)



The Moment of Forgiveness: Vivian finally stops acting like a stuck-up demon bitch after "she becomes impressed with Elle's integrity", according to the Wikipedia plot summary. The two girls bond over what a superficial butthole Elle's ex-boyfriend/Vivian's current fiance is, quickly become close friends, and all of Viv's past jerk-facedness is forgotten.


The Problem: Simply put, she's a meanie. A bastard. A butthole, if you will. From the very beginning, Elle is NOTHING but pleasant to her, yet Vivian takes every opportunity to be as shitty as possible. She gets her kicked out of class, doesn't let her join their study group, rubs in the fact that the man she loves dumped her, and tricks her into showing up to a party in a slutty bunny costume.  


SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW THIS GIRL. Jesus, if she's this evil to a person she doesn't even know, imagine how she acts towards people who have wronged her in some way? You KNOW her basement is literally filled to the brim with the charred carcasses of people who have cut her off in traffic.

5) Beast (Beauty and the Beast) 



The Moment of Forgiveness: Belle makes a run for it and gets attacked by wild wolves, so Beast intervenes and "saves her life", injuring himself in the process. Instead of straight up bouncing, Belle takes him back to the castle and the two bond while Belle is cleaning his wolf-gashes. They start getting flirty, he shows off his huge library like a pimp, and after a few months they fall in love.


The Problem: Putting aside the obvious Stockholm syndrome thing, how did we all forget that Beast imprisoned Belle's elderly, sick dad? He threw Maurice in a cold, wet, cobble-stone dungeon and planned on letting him die there. The only reason the Beast even offers to let Belle out of the dungeon is because she's fine as hell and he wants to have dinner with her and possibly break his curse. What a selfish, furry son of a bitch. Despite what a stone cold player/old man kidnapper Beast is, Belle falls in love with him instead of sending him to prison for 10-25 years. I will never understand French people.

6) Nameless Alien That Kind of Looks Like the Troll from Lord of the Rings But With a More Exploded Face (Super 8) 



Note: As his name is never clarified, I will be referring to this alien as Dierks Bentley


The Moment of Forgiveness: The gang looks up hopefully as the abused Dierks soars off into the star-speckled sky, towards a better life. Sappy violin music fills the summer night air while the citizens of the town cry, hug, have epiphanies, et cetera. We zoom in on the main character's face; his eyes shimmer with understanding and wonderment. Dierks is free, and peace is restored to earth.


The Problem: Please refer to the gif above of Mr. Bently crushing a fleeing housewife to death. Yeah, I know the dick scientists imprisoned and experimented on him, but most of the people he murders/eats/both are just innocent bystanders. Look, kid, I'm glad you touched an alien and now you, like, totally "get" him, but that doesn't mean he didn't just ruthlessly and horribly annihilate several humans who had nothing to do with anything ever.

7) Loki (Thor) 


The Moment of Forgiveness: Let's be honest; this charming bastard is the only reason anyone cared about Thor 2. Some villains we just can't help but love. And what's not to love? He's cocky, smart, handsome, a brother-stabbing mass murderer, funny, and he's got super cool horns. Wait...I think I may have glossed over something, but I can't quite put my finger on it...


The Problem: Oh right, the brother-stabbing mass murderer thing. I know Loki's sassy and adorable, but he also guiltlessly slaughters thousands of New Yorkers with his transformers-esque alien attack, he stabs his own brother in the stomach, and he tries to blast a wise old man to death with his Chatauri Scepter. (Shout out to Dorkly for knowing the name of the scepter. Buncha nerds...) If betrayal was an olympic sport, Loki would win every single medal and then stab all the other contestants right in the face, because that's what he does. He murders people in the face.