- At the load screen, tap the K Star six times in a row to skip right to being spotted by a Big Hollywood Agent who wants to make you a Big Hollywood Super Star.

- At the character select screen, swipe down, then left, then left again to gain 5000 Social Media points and a write-up on a some blog calling you an "Instagram Celeb."

-  Tap the Hollywood sign twelve times to up your Star Rating by fucking a photographer at the Torque premiere.

- When talking to the VALET PARKING GUY outside Kim's perfume launch party, TIP TRIPLE to get four free Speedballs and an exclusive invite to McG's forty-fifth at his Venice fuckpad.

- When Jake (the Journalist) asks you out, instead of tapping "Sure!" or "Let's just be friends", scroll left, then right, then left, then right, then up, then down to gain 100 Love Points and instead get martinis with Chez, a guy who "did some consulting on SAW VI" and "can definitely get you your own reality show, hundo percent."

          BONUS: To up your Star Rating, sign whatever he hands you. That way you can skip all the hard shit.

- When out shopping with Kim, shoplift. It saves Money and increases your Style Points. Plus, whatever, it'll be fine.

- Tap thrice on Kim's appletini glass to go off your juice cleanse and down four vodka cranberries in six minutes. For the rest of the party, each Flirty Wink will count Double, and each Name Drop, Triple.

- When Kim's stylist Patrick insults your dress at the Standard rooftop party for Cee Lo's new piece of shit app, tap his chest six times to settle the matter immediately by throwing his iPad Mini into the jacuzzi and yelling a racial slur. Social Points +100, and people will be legitimately afraid of you now.

- Whenever your health dips, call the VALET PARKING GUY to re-up on Speedballs and gain INFINITY LIVES.

- When a family member calls you on your Hollywood Cell Phone begging you to "come home" or "seek help", quit the game and then restart from your last save point.

- When Kim ignores your calls about her birthday party, swipe six times to show up at the Chateau Marmont anyway with the VALET PARKING GUY, a bottle of Grey Goose, and a stiletto in hand. Then POSE for TMZ outside to get 5000 Celeb Points after Perez Hilton draws cum on you.

- Tap up, down, left, right, up, down, left, right to play as Luigi.