One of ice cream's most notable characteristics is that it will eventually melt. Walmart has evidently figured out a way around this through some sort of black magic sorcery and created non-melting ice cream sandwiches. I'm not really sure if I should be elated about this or scared. Right now I'm leaning more towards scared, but humans always fear what can't be understood.

A radio station in Souix Falls heard from one of their listeners that Walmart's ice cream sandwiches are invincible to heat and the station decided to do their own test. Sure enough, the ice cream sandwich remained relatively solid for over an hour in 80 degree heat. 

This could be a prank, but then again, maybe Walmart's crack team of scientists/witches have figured out how to make ice cream even more perfect than it already is. There's always the third possibility though: Walmart ice cream sandwiches aren't filled with ice cream at all, but instead some sort of white mystery glop.