Sure, we've seen our fair share of internet remixes -- Auto-Tune versions of outlandish people on the local news, twisted perversions of our childhood stapes, or just genre-switched remixes taken from bootlegged acapellas (& its close cousin "the shredded version") -- but, even after all that (plus more that I'm surely missing out) what's truly next level?

Getting Zappafied, that's what.

After watching this video of a Japanese man crying on television (context unknown) being "interpreted" quite literally by a pianist - I mean, the pitches of his pleas and sobs are matched by notes so elegantly - it was clear that this is a remix type deserving of its own denomination:

Psst: check out the guitar interpretation here

I realized this style wasn't necessarily brand new, as Sarah Palin got this treatment after her nonsensical 60 Minutes run-on in 2008:

As well as this malfunctioning dog from the same year:


There is now a subreddit dedicated to this remix style - /r/zappafied - name in reference to the totally sincere, unironic musical style of Frank Zappa. Specifically, the way his conversational-style singing was mimicked by his guitar made the naming of this remix style obvious choice:



Here are a couple notable Zappafied remixes worth your watch, each short and sweet, unique in their own way: 


Remember, head on over to  /r/zappafied