1. Kissing Someone While They're in the Middle of a Sentence


Talking is not just a cute thing to do when you're bored in between makeout seshes. Well, sometimes it is. But usually, when a person is saying words, it's because they want the person they are speaking to to listen to those words, not heedlessly attack them with their lips and tongue. But isn't body language a way to express feelings that cannot be articulated in words, you ask? Yes, absolutely. Beautiful, complicated feelings like "I don't care what you think. Just gimme dat BOD."


2. Not Taking No for an Answer

When a movie character continues pursuing someone after they've made it clear that they're not interested, it's persistent and brave. When a human being does it, it's just strange. Why would you try to force someone to like you if they don't? Do you really want to be on a date with someone who doesn't want to be there?

Also, who are these psychotically confident movie characters who don't let rejection faze them in the slightest? If I asked someone out and they straight-up said NO, I would literally never speak to that person again, because I, like all REAL HUMAN BEINGS, am an insecure coward.


3. Seeing Someone Hot and Telling Your Friend "I'm Gonna Marry That Girl"


THIS IS SO WEIRD. You cannot possibly know that you like someone that much after just seeing their appearance. Sure, she's beautiful, but what if she's like, a Neo-Nazi? You're already LOCKED IN to marrying her now. And P.S., what makes you so sure she's going to want to marry YOU? Conceited. She's prob already engaged to Hitler's great-grandson or something.


4. Stealing Their Clothes


Wearing your boyfriend/hookup's shirt to bed makes sense if you went over to his place in a tight dress or something. And it kind of makes sense to then wear his clothes home the next morning so you don't have to get back into your nighttime clothes. And it KIIIIND OF makes sense to continue wearing his shirt that day so you can remember being with him and smelling him and stuff. But the next time you see him, you can give him his shirt back. It's his shirt. It belongs to him. You can't just take people's shit.