$5 Donation - Personal thank you email from "Lebron James"

LeBron James will personally send you an email from his "LeBron@CharlotteHornets.net" email account that we've made for him thanking you for donating. (This will definitely be from LeBron and not just an email from our Social Media Intern Tim)


$20 Donation - "I Signed LeBron" T-Shirt

A portion of our funding goal is designated for T-Shirts celebrating the eventual moment we sign LeBron James to our team! Normally this type of merchandise is reserved for team management and other agent type people but this shirt can be yours to wear any time you want! Think how much harder you'll be able to boast after LeBron has a record high game!


$50 Donation - "LeBron James" Bobcats Jersey

Donate $50 or more and you'll get your very own Charlotte Bobcats jersey with LeBron's name on it! Since we are no longer the Bobcats we have a lot of extra merchandise laying around and we're giving away some of the blank jerseys to our supporters! Unfortunately we can't actually embroider James's name on the back but we will supply you with Iron letters to ad it yourself!


$100 Donation - Picture of "You and LeBron James"

If you donate $100 or more you'll get everything above PLUS a picture of you "with" LeBron James! Now since we have no way of tying lebron to any of these donation conditions you won't actually get to take a photo with Lebron but we will have our Photoshop guy who made our Bobcats logo, photoshop a picture of you to look like you're standing next to Lebron! Can you say "Tinder Profile Picture"??


$200 Donation - The "LeBron Lookalike"

Donate $200 or more and in addition to everything listed above, we'll pay a few people to mistake you for LeBron James in public!!*

*Cannot be guaranteed to work in Florida, Ohio, New York, California, or Massachusetts


$500 Donation - "All Expenses Paid Trip To First Game With LeBron"

If you donate $500 or more we'll pay* all your travel expenses to come to our first game** of the season when Lebron is playing!

*Once you have arrived at the stadium you will be required to work as a food/beer vendor to compensate us for the costs of your travel.

**Unless we exceed our funding goal, we also cannot guarantee a seat in the stadium during the game but you will be permitted to watch the game on the TV's in the hallways.


$1000+ Donation - Temporary Coach Status

If you donate $1000 or more we'll let you be the head coach of the Hornets for like a month! If you've got that kind of money you're obviously a powerful person so you should have no problem leading our team through a few games! Seriously, We'll just stay home and watch the games on TV, We won't even be there!

AND We'll take a sharpee and ad "& Coached" to the "I signed LeBron" T-shirt you receive!