OK, guys. OK.


Circle up. Everybody take a knee.


Let's, uh... Let's chat for a quick sec...


Cool. Cool.


Anybody got any weekend plans? Uh huh. Beach? That's cool.


Me? No.


No plans.


Anyway. Yeah. Uh...


Jesus fuckin' Christ.


We, uh...


Actually - quick round of applause for you guys. Yeah... Yeah... For sure. Good, uh... good work out there... Cool...


Seven-one... OK... OK...


Home country... Uh...


I mean, one goal ain't bad... That was fun...

Solid... Solid...


[laughs, runs fingers through hair]


Well. Ya know, let's look on the bright side.


1. We get to keep our shirts. That's pretty cool. Super comfy. Super nice.


2. We've got our youth. Which is priceless. Seriously. Treasure that.


Hey, hey - crying's OK. Crying's healthy. Uh...


3. Got our health. Except Neymar. Who is hurt. Oof. Yeah. Sorry, Neymar.


4. I mean... World Cup, guys! That's huge! You guys got stories for life... Great, great stories...


5. Uh... Germans! Man... What a bunch of frickin'... losers. Right?... Well, by losers, I mean -- you know what I mean. Dumb language. Umm...




Uh, sorry, guys, I gotta be honest - I was not super prepared for this. But, hey, I can improvise. [chuckles] I can improvise...


Lotta heart. We got a lotta heart. And uh...


Oh yeah - anyone want a Gatorade? Plenty of extras. Absolutely - take two. For sure.


You guys are the best. Seriously.


And... stay in touch. For real.


We should all, like, get brunch or something in a few weeks.




And oh - if you guys want to contact me, I will probably be tied to the top of a car outside and pelted with shit for a couple days.


But hey. Comes with the territory.




Comes. With. The. Territory.


OK everybody, put it in.


It's been real.


Pat yourselves on the back.


Keep that chin up.


Worse things have happened.




And... Viva o futebol, guys.


Viva... o futebol.