Even a mundane run to the liquor store would be drastically different...

  1. Bud Light

    Hey, you! Over here!

  2. You

    Who, me?

  3. Bud Light

    Yes you! Looking for a party? I've got smooth flavor, light taste, and the ladies LOVE me! Do we have a deal or what?

  4. You

    A deal? Um no, I'm not sure what I want yet. Thanks.

  5. Bud Light

    Are you sure? Because I'm basically a party in a can over here! Buy me and who knows WHAT crazy adventures you'll end up having tonight! Are you in?

  6. You

    No, I'm not in. Thanks, really.

  7. Bud Light

    Are you sure? Because with my festive appearance and...

  8. You

    Jesus, Bud Light, if I buy a six pack will just shut the fuck up already? Can a guy go two entire seconds without being pressured to buy Bud Light in this day and age?

  9. Coors Light

    What he said!

  10. You

    Excuse me?

  11. Coors Light

    Uh, yeah! Whatever Bud Light said! Same goes for me!

  12. You

    Really? That's your sales pitch? Just "ditto" to whatever Bud Light says?

  13. Coors Light

    Not just that. I'm also the COLDEST.

  14. You

    LOL. The coldest? You're not even in the refrigerated section! You're as cold as I am!

  15. Coors Light

    No, no, no. I'm BREWED the coldest. Colder than any of these wannabes, at least.

  16. You

    Why the hell would I care how cold it was when they brewed you? You're room temperature now.

  17. Coors Light

    Oh yeah? Well why don't you buy me, put me in the fridge, then when I get ICE COLD later on you can watch my logo change colors! Let's tap the rockies together, bro!

  18. You

    Wow. This is getting pathetic.

  19. Samuel Adams

    I couldn't agree more, my dear boy.

  20. You

    Holy shit! Charlie Rose? Is that you?

  21. Samuel Adams

    No, it's me, Samuel Adams. Founding father and beer aficionado, at your service. Can I interest you in a stout, Boston Lager, young man?

  22. You

    That's quite an introduction, Mr. Adams.

  23. Samuel Adams

    Why thank you kindly. I sell only the finest ales and lagers and for only a small premium. Shall I put you down for a couple of pints you old scalawag?

  24. You

    No thanks, actually. Your stuff is great and all but after two or three of them I just hit a wall. I need something less filling.

  25. Miller Lite

    Did somebody say "less filling?"

  26. You

    Save your breath, Miller Lite. If I wanted to sacrifice taste for fewer calories I wouldn't be drinking beer in the first place.

  27. Michelob Ultra/Bud Select/Amstel Light


  28. Keystone Light

    Wazzzzzzuup bro-zilla!  You feel like pounding 30 'stones and not feeling the least bit drunk tonight or WHAT?!?

  29. You

    Dude...are you like...mentally challenged?

  30. Keystone Light

    LOL totally brah! 'Stones to your domes!

  31. You

    That doesn't even rhyme...

  32. Colt 45

    You got a problem?

  33. You

    Excuse me?

  34. Colt 45

    I see you eyeing me, mug. You got something to say?

  35. You


  36. Colt 45

    That's what I thought.

  37. Pabst Blue Ribbon

    I don't even want you to buy me, poser. That's just what society wants you to think. Ironic, isn't it?

  38. Milwaukee's Best


  39. You

    ENOUGH! What is wrong with you all? All I want is a drink that gets me drunk, doesn't taste like water, and doesn't fill me up so fast I start to hate it halfway through. Is that really too much to ask?

  40. Jim Beam

    Step into my office, son.