Use this wild guide to take your sex life to a whole new level of insane intimacy.

1. Find a person who wants it in there.


2. Ask them if you can put it in there.


3. If they say yes, take them to the place.


4. Once in the place, take off their stuff.


5. Take off your stuff as well. 


6. Do a touch on the parts.


7. Let them do a touch.


8. Touch at the same time.


9. Stick it in there.


10. Pull it out of there.


11. Put it in again.


12. Pull it out.


13. Put it in.


14. Do this a bunch more times.


15. Tell the person that is with you a dirty thought (optional).


16. Keep doing that in-and-out thing you were doing before but this time harder and better.


17.  Ask if you can touch them in the other place.


18. You know which one.


19. Yeah. There you go.


20. Cool.


21. Good job.  


22. I hope you didn't forget to keep doing the in-and-out thing because it is going to be important very soon.


23. Okay here we go.


24. Cum so hard that your partner literally drowns in a relentless torrent made entirely of your jizz.


25.  Say thank you (important).