Nothing to see here, just your run of the mill video of a turkey chasing a kid on a unicycle.

The video by Stewart Kelly gives us no back-story and I have so many questions how this event transpired. 

Where did this turkey come from? Is there some small town in America where turkeys just roam the public streets, terrorizing citizens? 

If so, why isn't the city council doing something about it? Somebody should really put together a volunteer task force or something.

Did I reach the end of YouTube?

Are unicycles popular with the kids these days or are they still mostly for circus bears and middle-aged white guys who juggle (they always juggle)? 

WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END? Did the boy evade the turkey's wrath?

Or is it only a matter of time before the conclusion video emerges with local news jumping on the story with a headline like "Mother Struggles To Rescue Son From Unicycle-Hating Fowl"? 

Is this the strangest unicycle video on YouTube? Actually, the answer to that is "no." That title still belongs to this guy... 

Source: unipiper