We stayed up all night making 10 new videos, and here they are:

YouTube Closed Captioning is Awful (All-Nighter 2014)

George R.R. Martin Writes The All-Nighter (All-Nighter 2014)

Should We Make Another Contest Video? (All-Nighter 2014)

Our Best (Worst) Rejected Song Parodies (All-Nighter 2014)

Jake and Amir: Hoops (All-Nighter 2014)

The Weirdest Conversation You'll Overhear (All-Nighter 2014)

Ball Busting PSA (All-Nighter 2014)

Black Widow Is Not A Fake Nerd Girl (All-Nighter 2014)

Snowboarders Infest CollegeHumor (All-Nighter 2014)

Batman of the Office (All-Nighter 2014)