Godzilla gets a bad rap for the whole "smashing of cities" thing, but when it comes to marketing a product, the guy can sell better than anybody. He's pretty much the Billy Mays of giant lizards and will sell out for any company that throws him an offer. 

Maybe you've seen his most recent plug for Snickers. This is just another entry in a long line of Godzilla promoting products during downtime from wreaking havoc. 

1. Snickers 

He water skis, rides ATVs and helps you score girls, Godzilla is pretty much the coolest reptilian bro ever!


2. Dr. Pepper

Godzilla wouldn't be caught dead advertising the sugary sludge that is Pepsi products.


3. Taco Bell

Way back in the 90s, Taco Bell used a dog with a stereotypical Mexican accent to sell its tacos. Combine the dog with Godzilla, and you've got chalupa marketing gold. 

niko totopalos

4. Nike 

Next to Space Jam, this is probably Charles Barkley's greatest moment as a thespian. 

robert trujillo

5. Konica Film 

I'm not really sure why, but for some reason the producers used an elephant for Godzilla's roar.   

maxwell bresee

6. Cheerios 

There's really no food or beverage that Godzilla can't market. Soda, cereal, crappy fast food -- he does it all. 


7. Imodium AD

 After all the shitty food Godzilla has been marketing, it's only natural that he'd appear in an ad for diarrhea medicine. 

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