Brian Williams is going to have a hip-hop album out before the end of the year, mark my words. Just last week, he or The Tonight Show , released his version of "Gin and Juice." 

Now we've got a fan-made video of Brian Williams -- or BW$ as I'll be reffering to him from now on -- putting out the Ludacris classic, "Rollout (My Business)." 

As for a little backstory on how this rap treasure came to be, Brian went on The Tonight Show to clear up, among other things, that he's never said "hippity." As he explained to Jimmy Fallon, people now want to talk to him more about his "rapping" than the news. He then went on to tell Jimmy that he would've preferred they made remix to Luda's "Rollout" and just like that another BW$ hip-hop anthem was born.   

Via Porter HouseMedia