We'll all be suckers for the versions of things we grew up with, but I can safely say -- authoritatively and without any reservations -- that the latest Spider-Man trilogy (the second of which comes out this weekend) is vastly inferior to the original set that came out a decade ago... excluding the gluttonous mess that was Spider-Man 3, which, after watching these entertaining Cinema Sins videos, I'm glad I skipped.

That's the good part! The only way I can enjoy superhero movies now is through the cynical lens of a man pointing out each and every flaw he can find. Despite these videos being fast cut and briskly paced, the run times still top 10 minutes each. That's because these aren't mere movie "mistakes" - issues of wardrobe continuity et al - but sins.. his bemoaning of overused cliches and lazy plot devices really, really leave me patting my back, feeling better about myself.

All kidding aside, the added benefit of watching these is being able to re-experience the movies you love in a concise manner, and, being to piece together everything you missed -- without having to feel like you missed anything.

See how many times "Mary Jane Is In Some Kind of Danger" below: