1. undefined
  2. Your Ex

    Hey, thanks for meeting me here.

  3. You

    Sure. What's up?

  4. Your Ex

     Uh...How have you been?

  5. You

    Fine...? How are you?

  6. Your Ex

     Good, I'm good. Ahhh, this is hard to say.

  7. You

    What is?

  8. Your Ex

     So, okay. I'm just going to come right out and say it.

  9. You

    Say it already!

  10. Your Ex

     Okay. I... I don't have Netflix anymore.

  11. You

    I'm sorry, what?

  12. Your Ex

     Yeah. So I'm guessing that means there's a pretty good chance you don't have it anymore eith--

  13. You

    Wait, I don't understand. How is this possible...?

  14. Your Ex

     Listen, I thought about not telling you--

  15. You

    You were going to just NOT TELL ME?

  16. Your Ex

     But I did tell you!

  17. You

    Well, I would have known it was from you! I haven't dated anyone else since you, so there's no other way I could've lost my Netflix access.

  18. Your Ex

     Well, I'm...sorry?

  19. You

    How did this even happen? When we started dating, we were both totally fine. We had my roommate's parents' account.

  20. Your Ex

     Right, but...remember my friend Molly?

  21. You

    I KNEW she was gross.

  22. Your Ex

     Oh, like you haven't made bad decisions about who to share Netflix accounts with. What about that guy Rob?

  23. You

    That was different. He never stole the account. He was just a carrier! Of the password!

  24. Your Ex

     Well, anyway, I think it's because of her. She must have changed the password on us.

  25. You

    Wait a second. How did she even get into the account? Are you saying you gave HER the password when WE were together?

  26. Your Ex


  27. You

    You are disgusting. I can't believe I ever let you access my Netflix account.

  28. Your Ex

     I'm sorry! It was a one-time thing! She was drunk and she gchatted me, and she really wanted to watch The West Wing, and....Things got out of hand.

  29. You

    Wow. So the whole time we were dating, you'd just GIVE IT AWAY to any random drunk girl?!

  30. Your Ex


  31. You

    And you didn't even use protection.

  32. Your Ex

     Wait, what?

  33. You

    No, you know what? I don't even want to hear this. You sicken me.

  34. Your Ex

     It meant nothing, I swear!

  35. You

    I really thought we had something special. You were the only guy I gave that password to, you know. If we'd gone out a little longer, I was even planning to let you have my...HBO Go password.

  36. Your Ex


  37. You

    Yeah. Good luck finding another girl who'll do that.

  38. Your Ex

     Listen, I get that you're upset, but I think you're overreacting a little. This is totally treatable! I think I can get you my little brother's best friend's girlfriend's password.

  39. You

    Fine. I guess it could be worse. I mean, hey, it's not like we lost access to your mom's Hulu Plus account, right?

  40. Your Ex

     Actually, uh...

  41. You

    Never call me again.