1. And so sharks, who wants to take a ride with me and make some money with bike-powered blenders?

    Nice presentation.

  3. MARK

    Very creative.

  4. DAD

    Is this about money? Are you asking me for money? I just sat down in this big chair after a helluva day. All day long I have people asking me for money. What's this about?

  5. It's an investment in my company, Blendibikes.
  6. DAD

    Mhmm, enough of the sweet talk with your little video and tiny cup of fruit drink whatever. Stop smiling. I know what that smile means. Did I ever tell you about when I was selling shoes in college? Now that was work. REAL work. I used to come home to my tiny apartment, smelling to high heaven like shoes and lady feet. That's what REAL work smells like. So come on, how much do you need?

  7. Well, I am asking for $50,000 in return for 10% equity in my company.
  8. DAD

    FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS?! Fifty--fifty thousand dollars? What do you need all that money for?

  9. Building more bikes, advertising, building a website...
  10. DAD

    Website? Those things aren't going to last. Listen, what you need to do is get your act together. Your older brother, he just passed his test to become an actuary. They make real money. Big money. They don't have to ride a bike to make their smoothies. You need to get your act together and work harder.

  11. KEVIN

    I actually agree with your father. What have your profits been so far?

  12. DAD

    Don't you talk to my son like that! He's a hard-worker. A good, smart boy with a good head on his shoulders. How much again do you need?

  13. $50,000.
  14. DAD

    FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!?! What did your mother say?

  15. I didn't ask mom, I came here seeking investment from the sharks.
  16. DAD

    Take it from me. You don't want to do something and not clear it with your mother first. She's a saint of a woman and I love her, but you know how she gets. If she finds out I gave you $50,000 for a smoothie bike, oof, I don't have to tell you I'll be eating cold spaghetti in the basement until the sky falls.


    I actually am going to have to agree with your father. Smoothies aren't really my thing, so I'm out.

  18. MARK

    Yes, it's creative, but I'm not the shark you need, so I'm out too.

  19. DAD

    Do you know what I always thought would be a million-dollar company idea? Boots that have sand in them. It's like you're always at the beach! What's a better feeling than putting your toes in the sand? Did I show you pictures from the cruise your mother and I took in December? They're in my phone. How do I get them out of my phone? I don't know, I can't figure these things out.

  20. KEVIN

      I don't see the profits, I'm out.


    I like you, I think you're a winner, but I hate your father and I'm out.

  22. DAD

    Looks like it's just me left. So you need $50,000? Will $20 get you started?