The best way to guard against an April Fool's prank is to know your enemy's tactics. Consider this your encyclopedic guide to April Fool's pranking 101, and may you be the prankster and not the prankee this year. 

The Scare Prank

James Williams

 A classic prank dating back to the beginning of time, when one caveman scared another caveman by dressing up in a saber-toothed tiger fur. This prank can be executed any number of ways from jumping out of the closet to making an elaborate ghost prop to ensure your significant other never sleeps again. 

The Plastic Wrap Prank


Easy, cheap and incredibly effective, all one needs for the plastic wrap prank is some saran wrap and maybe a little tape. It can be executed a number of ways from wrapping the victim's car to ensnaring them in a doorway or like the video shows, hitting them at their most vulnerable. 

The Office Prank


Like the title says, it's a prank pulled in the office. There's a million possibilites for this one, if you're hurting for ideas stream a few episodes of The Office on Netflix to develop your prank plan of action. 

The Home Makeover Prank


The makeover prank is advised only for the most dedicated of pranksters and preferably those with a lot of time and resources on their hands. You're going to need a serious DIY attitude to transform your victim's room/office space/entire house into the makeover of their nightmares.