Did you happen to see tonight's episode of Wheel Of Fortune? If you answered "no" because you have a life and were out doing something awesome, good for you, but if you DID watch it then you know just how mind blowing it was. Like seriously, I'm pretty sure even Pat Sajack shit his pants. 

After Emil's letter suggestions failed to reveal any clues, he took a shot at guessing the category that he only knew was some type of "thing" presumably starting with the word "new." 

Like some sort of game show Nostradamus, Emil solved the puzzle on the first try and sent the audience into a frenzy.

Twenty bucks says Vanna Whites panties are on the floor of Emil's limo this very moment. 

Oh, and the answer to the puzzle, "new baby buggy." My guess was "new worm house" man, was I ever off.