Following the success of HBO's "True Detective" and his Oscar win for "Dallas Buyers Club," the media has taken to calling the reemergence of Matthew McConaughey a "McConaissance." But you may still feel that when you're describing situations that involve Matthew McConaughey, the English language as it currently exists fails you. Luckily, we've compiled this list of additional Matthew McConaughey portmanteaus to help you expand your McConaughabulary:



A deliberate destroyer of the image of the American actor Matthew McConaughey.

Ex: "When Jade brought up 'The Wedding Planner' and 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,' she was going out of her way to be a McConaclast."



The economic theory that providing tax breaks, incentives, and other financial benefits to Matthew McConaughey will improve the economy as a whole.

Ex: "If President Obama really wanted to jumpstart the American economy, he'd apply McConanomics and provide Matthew McConaughey an annual earned income tax credit."


McConaughabeas Corpus 

Literally means "you may have Matthew McConaughey's body." Primarily used to invoke the writ that you may not continue detaining Matthew McConaughey indefinitely and against his will unless lawful grounds for his detention are demonstrated

Ex: "Kevin, you need to let Matthew McConaughey out of our basement. It's a clear violation of his McConaughabeas Corpus."



An interruption in the amount or intensity of Matthew McConaughey.

"Following his McConaissance, I wouldn't be surprised if Matthew McConaughey took an extended McConaghiatus."



An extreme or irrational fear of being in close proximity to Matthew McConaughey.

Ex: "Fernando turned down his tickets to the 'Mud' premiere on account of his severe McConaughoraphobia."



When someone says "Matthew McConaughey" in such a way that it imitates the actual sound of the Matthew McConaughey it describes.

Ex: "Matthew McConaughey"


Image via ABCNews